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Most properties will eventually need drain cleaning services to deal with built-up grease, hair, and all the random items that end up clogging your property sewer line.  If just one location is affected, drain cleaning services can usually fix the problem and get the drain draining quickly again. A professional drain cleaning is much more effective and better for your home’s plumbing system compared to using a chemical drain cleaner. 

For a sewer cleaning, your plumber will locate the home’s sewer cleanout and proceeded to get rid of clogs and accumulated grease from there. 

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Most homeowners don’t think about their drainage systems until they have a problem. If you are experiencing issues or suspect that your drainage isn’t working properly, contact the plumbing experts at Preferred Plumbing & Drain. We have the experience and equipment to diagnose your problem and offer you the most effective solutions. Our video pipe inspection equipment allows us to evaluate the condition of your drains and determine the proper way to address your issue.

Contact Preferred Plumbing & Drain (916) 485-5100 today for a comprehensive inspection and prevention plan to keep drainage problems from happening in the future.

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